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Only 127 days until kickoff!
WHEN: August 30-Sept 1, 2013
WHERE: Centerville, Ohio
FEES: 6v6: $560; 8v8: $660; 11v11, $705
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, Jul 15, 2014
PAY TO: Centerville United Soccer Association; ATTN: SELECTION COMMITTEE; P.O. Box 41607, Centerville, OH 45441
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees
Permission to Host/Sanctioning Form


September 10, 2013

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

7777 Washington Village Dr, Suite 100
Dayton, OH 45459

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September 10, 2013
B086v6FiveStar Crew Juniors East
B096v6FiveStar Cincinnati United River Plate
B096v6Gold Metro FC Rapids
B096v6Silver CUSA Courage B04 Premier Blue
B106v6Gold Challenger Crew Juniors White '03
B106v6Silver CUSA Courage U10 Premier Blue
B108v8FiveStar Vardar 04
B108v8Gold NWC Alliance B03 Black
B118v8FiveStar Michigan Wolves 03
B118v8Gold BSC Elite 02/03 Boys
B118v8Silver PSG FC Nova 03 Black
B1211v11FiveStar Challenger Crew Jrs. Black '01
B1211v11Gold AC Milan Detroit Waza 02 Juniors
B128v8FiveStar CUP Gold BU12
B128v8Gold Club Ohio T.E.
B13FiveStar Challenger Crew '00 I
B13Gold LFC White
B13Silver LFC Red
B14FiveStar Michigan Wolves 00
B14Gold Michigan Jaguars
B14Silver CKSC Kickers
G096v6FiveStar Michigan Jaguars 05 Green
G096v6Gold CU Lakota Manchester
G106v6FiveStar Cincinnati Soccer Alliance
G106v6Gold Canton Celtic 04 Black
G108v8FiveStar BSA Celtic 03 White
G108v8Gold Michigan Hawks 04 Black
G118v8FiveStar CUP Gold
G118v8Gold CUP Black
G118v8Silver U-11 OESA Gold
G1211v11FiveStar PSG MI Gators 02 Orange
G1211v11Gold MI Burn 02 Black
G128v8FiveStar Internationals 01 Red
G128v8Gold Crew Junior West Gold II
G13Bronze Storm SC 01 Girls White
G13FiveStar Gr Crew Gold 01
G13Gold BSA Celtic 00 White
G13Silver PSG MI Gators FC 01 Navy
G14Bronze Mansfield Crew
G14FiveStar GR Crew Jrs. '00 Gold
G14Gold Whitecaps
G14Silver Ohio Premier Red (OHN)

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Mead Cusa Cup Soccer Tournament
P.O. Box 41607 Centerville, OH 45441
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